2017 Calendar

I prefer to think of each day as the most primary calendar unit. It feels more natural to follow the sunrise and sunset when counting time. However, the systems of weeks, months, and years are helpful in providing more structure. But typical organizational systems of this information are not conducive to the day by day passage of time. So I sought to design a better calendar which presents the full year in one convenient sheet, where days are the most important unit. There are no awkward gaps between months, as each day flows into the next. This approach lends itself to a truer understanding of time and helps one feel the daily forward motion from the surrounding broader context of viewing a full year at once.

Roles: Direction, Concept, Design, Photography, Retouching

Sold as limited edition prints

Measures 6 × 18 inches

Typeset in GT America

Letterpressed by Mama’s Sauce