Billy Sweeney

Squarespace Circle

We made Circle for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace. Providing exclusive perks and community, pros now have an official congregation. I led the design efforts from concept through completion, working on everything from brand development, to the artwork, and all the bits in between. It was a blast creating Squarespace’s first true sub-brand, and our Circle members have been loving the new space.

Roles: Direction, Design, Artwork, Photography, Retouching, Production

Animation: Sander van Dijk



The innovative creative collective, Bunker, approached me to revive their online presence. The site I delivered is a cutting-edge responsive design that bleeds with artful imagery. Unobtrusive yet powerful typographic touches and fluid animations give the site a modern yet timeless feel. Quick access to their body of stunning videos allow viewers to discover the breadth of Bunker’s capabilities.

Roles: Direction, Design

Code: Kevin Foley

Nearby Supply

Brooklyn based tech startup, Nearby Supply, asked me to create an identity to establish their brand. The solution I designed is cross-functional and provides a foundation for the company to grow.

Roles: Direction, Design


The legendary Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi hired me to create the online home for their Sundance Award-Winning Documentary, Meru. The film presents an unprecendented and raw view of high-stakes Himalayan big-wall climbing — and has reached critical aclaim in both the film and climbing communities. Bursting with epic imagery, the site attempts to encapsulate their powerful story and bring visitors closer to experiencing the motion picture.

Roles: Direction, Design

Code: Kevin Foley


Glen Proebstel

New York based stylist, Glen Proebstel, commisioned me to design his complete identity system. He styles for luxury brands including Vogue, New York Times, Anthropologie, Sonos, West Elm, Ikea, and Williams Sonoma. The brand I created for him amplifies his collaborative nature, and presents his elegance with a classic and timeless aesthetic, executed through a modern lens.

Roles: Direction, Design, Build

Layer Park

Designed to educate and illustrate the obscure complexities of blending layers, Layer Park is an interactive tool made for professional designers and the curious minded alike. It has a fully exposed utilitarian user interface built to accelerate the exploration and discovery of attractive and useful layering possibilities. Made during Squarespace Hack Week, this project was a rejuvenating sprint to learn new things and produce something helpful.

Roles: Direction, Concept, Design, Code


The B Project

Spending so much time in the digital space, I needed to get back to analog creation. The B Project is a series of personal work that addresses this need to create something physical. I constructed the letter B by arranging found or custom objects that start with B: Bottles, Box, Bench, and Bolts. Each one shares the same letterform, color, lighting, and minimal editing decisions to create a coherent set of images that can live independently or together.

Roles: Direction, Concept, Design, Build, Photography, Retouching

Squarespace Blog

Throwing old blog conventions out the window, I tried to create something with editorial qualities that are typically only seen in print design. But unlike the static nature of the printed page, it is completely responsive, designed to bring readers an enjoyable experience at any screen size and a glimpse into the things we value at Squarespace.

Role: Design

Code: Dan Johnson


Spectra Design Co.

Spectra was a design company I founded to facilitate professional freelance work. Though the company is no longer around, this mark is still a personal favorite.

Roles: Direction, Concept, Naming, Design, Illustration



A one-of-a-kind travel blog needed an identity that fit it’s nomadic spirit. This brand captures the essence of the adventurer and brings minimalist clarity to the outdoors.

Role: Design

Creative Direction & Photography: Tyler Thompson



I made this walrus just for fun, and then screen printed it.

Roles: Design, Illustration, Screen Printing